About Annabel

For over 25 years I’ve worked in digital marketing, technology, communications and leadership. After running my last two technology startups I knew I wanted to dive into work that combined my creativity and my online skills.

Nothing makes me happier than seeing creative people be successful.

I get that small fire of satisfied creativity in my stomach as well!

If you work creatively I’m here to help you craft a digital strategy that’s sustainable, creative, thoughtful and just right for you.

I live on incredible Vancouver Island, BC after spending years in Australia, Indonesia, New Zealand and California. BC is home and I love it.

My Values

My three values below have informed my work over the past 25 years in digital marketing, technology and leadership.


Connecting with others and with myself is something I think about every day. I discovered a daily yoga practice in the early days of the pandemic that has allowed me to connect with what I really want to be doing.

And when I feel connected to myself I have the ability to connect, empathize and support others. Whether it’s the guy who cut me off in traffic, or my daughter having lots of feelings on the walk home from school, I can still build connection. But I’ll admit some days I want to turn everything off so you’ll find me eating chocolate in bed watching Parks and Rec for the 4th time.

But after the chocolate wrapper is tucked in my bedside drawer I take a deep breath, get on my yoga mat and re-connect.

Being able to connect and help other people be successful is built into my DNA.


My earliest creative memory is at age 6 carefully cutting out slips of paper and placing them in all my books. Ta Da - I had a library. I got my mum to check out numerous books and filled in a late slip the following week when they were overdue. My love of organizing began early!

A lot of people might think organization isn’t creative but I find it incredibly freeing. It gives me space to create: cooking and baking, sewing my own garments, growing fruit and veg in my garden, playing drawing games with my daughter, embroidering a cushion or reading an engrossing novel. The more I can be organized, the more I can create. And when you get a system that works for you it is magical.


Building online communities, or relationships with my physical community, has always driven my work.

From my earliest web days at Abebooks I saw that the internet had the power to connect people globally and help their business grow. I heard from booksellers who were competing with giant bookstore chains in their neighbourhood; they were worried they’d have to close their business. And with the power of e-commerce they’d found a way to reach new customers globally and be more successful than before. In some ways it’s where I really understood that community could be tapped into anywhere.

You can use your values to guide your digital choices.

They will help you decide where to put your time and effort.

And the beautiful part is that decisions based on your values attract the right kinds of customers.

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I’m here to help creatives, like you, carve a digital path aligned with your values.

I am grateful to the lək̓ʷəŋən People of the Esquimalt and Songhees Nations on whose traditional territories I do my work.

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